Uniform Guide

Early Education

Grades K-12 

Student Expectations & Appearance

Students are expected to be in approved uniforms daily in Cross colors of red, white, royal blue, navy, or gray. Appearance should be neat, modest, and orderly at all times. Shirttails must be tucked in, socks must be worn with shoes, shoelaces tied and hair should be kept neat and clean. Skirts and shorts should not be shorter than a standard
credit card length above the knee. Navy blue bike shorts must be worn under a jumper, dress, or skirt. No cargo pants/shorts are permitted. Belts are required with shorts or pants and should be plain leather, either black or brown. Boys’ hair must be above the earlobes on the sides, above the collar in the back, and above the eyebrows in the front. Should boys’ hair be longer than this standard, hair should be pulled up and out of the face. Hair dye, colored hair extensions, or face paint are not permitted. Boys may not wear earrings. Jewelry and hair accessories (for girls) should not be distracting. No face piercings or tattoos are permitted.

Indoor/Outdoor Outerwear Policy

When indoors, students may wear any outerwear (jacket, fleece, or hoodie) from approved uniform providers that have the approved Cross logo/graphic. Colors allowed are red, white, royal blue, navy, or gray. Students should have their assigned daily uniform worn underneath all outerwear.

Chapel Days

On Chapel days, the ONLY permitted outerwear is Lands’ End fleece jackets, quarter zip pullover, and Spirit Store jacket (name on back). Students should remove any non-approved jacket or pullover before entering a place of worship.


When outdoors, students are permitted to wear hoodies, jackets, and coats of their choice. These items that are not purchased from approved uniform providers should be neat and simple (free from excessive logos, graphics and pictures). Fleece jackets, quarter zip pullovers, packable rain jackets, and ThermoPlume jackets sold by approved uniform providers are not required.


 Shoe/Sock Policy

BOY/GIRL: SOLID white, navy, or black socks to be worn with any athletic shoe. Shoes should have no wheels, lights, skulls, or inappropriate characters/logos. Discreet and appropriate logos are permitted on socks. 

GIRLS: SOLID white or navy socks (knee or ankle) or tights to be worn with navy or black T-strap, Mary Jane, or ballet flat-style shoes. Discreet and appropriate logos are permitted on socks. 

BOYS: SOLID white, tan, navy or black socks to be worn with brown or black suede or leather classic bucks, tie shoes, slip-on mocks or penny loafers. 

Students choice of approved shoes may be worn with Academic Day and Chapel Day uniforms, including Spirit Day Fridays. An athletic shoe must be worn on PE days. 

Approved Uniform Providers


It is important to first create a Lands’ End account selecting Cross Schools as your Preferred School. This process will provide approved uniform pieces and the correct logo when designated.

Preferred School Number: 9000-4663-2


BSN provides uniform pieces as part of our PE uniform policy, in addition to our Friday Spirit Wear Days.