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Advantages of an Education in the Anglican Tradition

As a school in the Anglican Tradition, Cross Schools is committed to forming the whole child. We seek to form resilient learners who love God and neighbor and who value service to others over self-interest. Central to this is understanding that our Christian faith is thoroughly integrated into every discipline.  We support this whole-child development through rigorous academics, intentional spiritual formation, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities where students nurture their passions outside the classroom. 

Historic Commitment to God-honoring Excellence in Academics

The Anglican tradition has a rich heritage of developing students, helping them become the best version of themselves so they can work towards the transformation of the world. From 12 months through 12th grade, Cross Schools is devoted to academic excellence. To accomplish this, our teachers are all highly-qualified experts in their respective fields and are all Christians who affirm the historic Christian faith. 

“Anglican” simply means “related to the Church of England.” We trace our spiritual lineage through the Episcopal Church in the United States to the historic Church of England. The history of Anglican education reaches to the 4th and 5th centuries. As the Roman Empire collapsed, Anglican monks in the British Isles preserved the wisdom of the ancients and set the foundation for education in the centuries to come. The first Anglican University, Oxford was founded in 1096, setting the tone for excellence in Anglican education.  At the time of the Reformation in the 16th century, a great emphasis was placed on the education of all people. The Anglican Reformers were committed to teaching people to read and pray. Bibles were translated into the local vernacular for the first time and the Book of Common Prayer was written to guide the people in common worship. Anglican/Episcopal schools have operated in the United States for over 300 years and have consistently maintained a commitment to excellence in academics and spiritual formation. 

Rootedness in Formation of Student’s Hearts

At Cross Schools, our Anglican heritage is apparent through what we believe about God and the world. The famous Anglican C.S. Lewis was an ardent defender of education. He emphasizes the value of a classic education that is dedicated to moral and virtue formation. He writes, “If followers of Christ live as people with hearts – strong hearts filled with God’s truth– the world will take notice.” 

As a parent, you can expect your child to engage in regular worship and other spiritual formation opportunities as we seek to “train up children in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6). 

  • The Anglican Church is a Prayer Book tradition, which means we join with millions of Anglicans around the world who follow a regular rhythm of worship. At Cross Schools, we use the Book of Common Prayer 2019 to guide our worship. We embrace the ancient Anglican axiom Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi. This Latin phrase means, “That which is prayed, is also believed, is how we live.” There is an inextricable connection between our worship and our beliefs. Our worship and beliefs go on to shape how we live.  Our worship of God is deeply formative and a necessary part of our Christian education. Worship teaches us how to pray and what we believe. To this end, students engage with Daily Prayer, weekly worship, and regular Eucharist services to help them learn how to worship, honor, glorify, and love God in all they do. 

  • At Cross Schools, the Holy Scriptures are our primary source of theological authority. The Bible shapes who we are and how we function as a community. 

  • At Cross Schools, we embrace an orthodox Christian faith as defined by the Nicene Creed and the 39 Articles of Religion.


Living a Life Transformed by Christ

Service to others is a core value at Cross Schools. Our students serve locally, domestically, and internationally in an effort to reach the world with God’s love. 

  • Local Missions efforts

  • Creation Care

  • Domestic Mission Trips

  • Senior Year International Mission Experience

The Reverend Dr. Nathan Weaver

The Reverend Dr. Nathan Weaver

Director of Spiritual Life