Heather Belmonte, Transitional Kindergarten

Heather Belmonte earned a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Carolina Beaufort and a Master's Degree in Literacy Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University.  She has been a part of the Cross Schools' staff for the past four years, teaching Transitional Kindergarten.  Prior to coming to Cross Schools she taught in the public school sector serving as a multi-age classroom teacher in grades K/1 and 2/3.

The main focus in Transitional Kindergarten is on early literacy and math skills in hopes that students enter Kindergarten strong and at the top of their class.  Mrs. Belmonte believes in developing a relationship with her students' families, and working together toward a common goal; meeting each individual where they are, leading them to where they need to be and helping them take their next step independently.  Mrs. Belmonte fosters her students' independence through learning centers, activities, and personal responsibility. Contact Mrs. Belmonte at h.belmonte@crossschools.org.

Carely Beaz, Pre-Kindergarten 

Carely Beaz has over six years experience in Early Childhood Education, and has been a part of Cross Schools for four years.  She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.  She and her husband have three beautiful children.  

Ms. Carely looks forward to a class filled with fun, friends, and faith.  She uses a curriculum based on monthly themes, and looks for ways to incorporate these themes into the academic program in an exciting way.  She works to provide a loving, structured environment.  She wants each child to thrive in her classroom, and works towards personal, social, and physical development during the school year. Contact Ms. Carely at c.beaz@crossschools.org

Debbie Harrell, Pre-Kindergarten

Debbie Harrell has been actively involved in Cross School since 2003, when her oldest daughter began first grade.  She joined the staff at Cross Schools in 2004.  Ms. Debbie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of South Carolina, as well as twelve hours in post-graduate credit.

Ms. Debbie believes that all children are eager to learn, but not all children are equally ready to learn.  Because of this belief, she strives to provide each child with individual attention so they can reach their potential in every aspect of development. Contact Ms. Debbie at d.harrell@crossschools.org.

Jennifer Molina, Pre-Kindergarten

Jen Molina graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services in 2007.  She joined the staff at Cross Schools in 2014.  Ms. Jen loves meeting so many talented teachers, and sharing her classroom with amazing children.  She has worked with children ranging in ages from three to thirteen, in both administrative roles and in the classroom.

Ms. Jen believes that children thrive when they are in a structured and positive environment.  She provides her class with opportunities to do their best at all times, and uses positive reinforcement to help build confidence as they learn and grow.  She uses a variety of sensory and manipulative centers and activities to allow children "hands on" work time.  Ms. Jen enjoys watching the class transform as the children mature, and seeing the pride each student feels when they are able to make independent connections that reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. Contact Ms. Jen at j.molina@crossschools.org.

Robin Price, Pre-Kindergarten

Robin Price has always had a strong love for children, and realized at a young age that it would be her life's work.  Ms. Robin started working for the University of New Hampshire Child Study and Development Center as soon as she graduated high school.  She was so inspired by the wonderful work that her co-teachers were doing with the students, that she began taking classes in Early Childhood Education.  She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2002 and has continued to make a strong commitment to young children and families.  Ms. Robin has a multitude of experience working with children of all ages, with a variety of special needs and abilities.  Ms. Robin feels incredibly lucky that events in her life have brought her to Cross Schools, and have allowed her to get to know such special teachers, students, and families. 

Ms. Robin's goal as a teacher is to provide children with a rich environment where they feel safe to explore, initiate learning, and feel free to express themselves.  Contact Ms. Robin at r.price@crossschools.org.

Lyndsey Densmore, Three Year Preschool 

Lyndsey Densmore is originally from Michigan, and moved to South Carolina in 2012.  She and her husband, Brent, have two children who attend Cross Schools.  Ms. Lyndsey attended Jackson Career Center for Early Childhood Education Development, where she realized her passion for teaching young children.  She also attended Jackson College.  Ms. Lyndsey began her career at Cross Schools as an Assistant Teacher in the Pre-Kindergarten program in 2016.  She is thrilled to be given the opportunity to teach in the Three Year Preschool Program!

Ms. Lyndsey strives for a bright and warm classroom where all children feel safe and loved.  Her goal for her class is to provide the students with a love for learning and for them to be able to show creativity through classroom work.  Her greatest reward as a teacher is to watch the children grow academically and personally.    Contact Ms. Lyndsey at l.densmore@crossschools.org.  

Lauren Michalopoulos, Three Year Preschool 

Lauren Michalopoulos attended Mount Ida College in Massachusetts, and has been teaching preschool aged children for over eighteen years.  She, along with her husband and daughter, relocated to Bluffton from Franklin, Massachusetts.  She has loved every minute of being in this beautiful area!   Ms. Lauren is very excited to be given the opportunity to teach Three Year Preschool at Cross Schools, and is looking forward to getting to know the parents and the children.  Contact Ms. Lauren at l.michalopoulos@crossschools.org.

Kayla Smoak, Three Year Preschool

Kayla Smoak holds an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Early Childhood Development. She has nine years of experience working with preschool aged children, and began her career with Cross Schools in 2012.

Ms. Kayla greatly enjoys sharing her love and attention with her students. She strongly believes in positive reinforcement, and her classroom is a very nurturing, yet structured environment.  Ms. Kayla's greatest reward is to see her students thrive and succeed. Contact Ms. Kayla at k.smoak@crossschools.org.

Ana Avila, Two Year Preschool

Ana Avila is very excited to be a part of Cross Schools and the two year old program!  She has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for over ten years, has been a part of Cross Schools for five years, and has been a Lead Two Year Old Preschool teacher for three years.  

Ms. Ana strongly believes that all children learn best through play.  While you hear her say the word play often, these children are actively learning while playing and interacting with their peers.  Contact Ms. Ana at a.avila@crossschools.org

Jamie Dara, Two Year Preschool

Jamie Dara began her career with Cross Schools in 2013.  She graduated from Ridgeland High School, and also completed a two year course in Early Childhood Development and Early Childcare.  She began her career with Cross Schools as a preschool floater, quickly became an assistant, and is now a lead teacher in the Two Year Old Preschool Program.  Ms. Jamie's passion has always been working with young children.

Ms. Jamie's primary goal in the two year class is to provide each child with a loving and caring environment.  She wants to help the children develop a love for books, encourages a growing vocabulary, and focuses her curriculum on learning the basics:  colors, shapes, letters and numbers.  Ms. Jamie focuses on learning, but also remembers to let children be children.  She wants her class to love learning and to have fun! Contact Ms. Jamie at j.dara@crossschools.org.

Latris Jefferson, Two Year Preschool 

Latris Jefferson is excited and honored to be a part of Cross Schools.  She and her husband, Nathaniel, have been married for eighteen years and have three wonderful children.  Ms. Latris attended Georgia Southern University and the Technical College of the Lowcountry and has over ten years teaching experience.  She is an active member of Lowcountry Community Church.

Teaching is an absolute passion for Ms. Latris!  She strives to provide each child with a safe, loving learning environment.  Each day will be filled with fun and exciting adventures to help every child grow spiritually, academically, and socially.  Contact Ms. Latris at l.jefferson@crossschools.org.  

Ashley Terry, Toddler Lead

Ashley Terry is a South Carolina native who has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for four years. Her passion lies in teaching the younger students and watching them learn and grow.

Ms. Ashley's classroom philosophy is to let the children play and enjoy their classroom surroundings, while teaching them the importance of sharing and communicating with friends. She strives to teach her class independence while providing a loving and nurturing environment. Ms. Ashley focuses on simple art projects to help the children learn and experience new textures. She balances her classroom time with play and loosely structured learning time to ensure her class has a well-rounded day. Contact Ms. Ashley at a.terry@crossschools.org

Barb Osler, Two Year Preschool

Barb Osler has lived in the Bluffton/Hilton Head area for thirty five years.  Her career with Cross Schools began in 2011 after she retired from a thirty year career in the Mortgage Banking industry.  She began as an assistant in the Toddler Program, was the Lead Teacher in the Toddler Program for three years, and is currently serving as a Lead Teacher in our Two Year Old Program.  Ms. Barb lives in Bluffton with her husband, Bill, and is very proud of her four children and six grandchildren. Contact Ms. Barb at b.osler@crossschools.org.