Betsy O'Donnell, Transitional Kindergarten

Betsy O'Donnell was born and raised in Kettering, Ohio, and graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Shortly after graduating, she moved to Chicago to pursue a teaching career.  She has had the priveledge of teaching Preschool, first, and second grades over the course of her career.  Last summer, she moved to Bluffton to be closer to family. 

While she's not in the classroom, Ms. O'Donnell enjoys being with family and friends, reading, traveling, and rooting for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Chicago Cubs.  Ms. O'Donnell feels extremely blessed to be a part of the Cross Schools community!  Contact her at  


Debbie Harrell, Pre-Kindergarten

Debbie Harrell has been actively involved in Cross School since 2003, when her oldest daughter began first grade.  She joined the staff at Cross Schools in 2004.  Ms. Debbie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of South Carolina, as well as twelve hours in post-graduate credit.

Ms. Debbie believes that all children are eager to learn, but not all children are equally ready to learn.  Because of this belief, she strives to provide each child with individual attention so they can reach their potential in every aspect of development. Contact Ms. Debbie at

Rebecca Karampoulis, Pre-Kindergarten 

Rebecca Karampoulis grew up in Athens, Georgia and attended Georgia College for her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education, and the University of Georgia for a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a Gifted and Talented Endorsement.  She has more than eight years experience in the classroom. 

Ms. Rebecca seeks to uncover each child's learning style, then challenge them to achieve and master new material using their unique talents.  Her classroom will utilize many methods to explore new concepts.  Ms. Rebecca desires to make learning fun, while setting a foundation for all of her students' future education.  Above all, she wants to instill in each child a love for learning and an understanding that they are each loved very dearly by God.  She is thrilled to be a part of Cross Schools alongside passionate teachers sharing God's love with each child.  Contact Ms. Rebecca at  


Jennifer Molina, Pre-Kindergarten

Jen Molina graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services in 2007.  She joined the staff at Cross Schools in 2014.  Ms. Jen loves meeting so many talented teachers, and sharing her classroom with amazing children.  She has worked with children ranging in ages from three to thirteen, in both administrative roles and in the classroom.

Ms. Jen believes that children thrive when they are in a structured and positive environment.  She provides her class with opportunities to do their best at all times, and uses positive reinforcement to help build confidence as they learn and grow.  She uses a variety of sensory and manipulative centers and activities to allow children "hands on" work time.  Ms. Jen enjoys watching the class transform as the children mature, and seeing the pride each student feels when they are able to make independent connections that reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. Contact Ms. Jen at

Robin Price, Pre-Kindergarten

Robin Price has always had a strong love for children, and realized at a young age that it would be her life's work.  Ms. Robin started working for the University of New Hampshire Child Study and Development Center as soon as she graduated high school.  She was so inspired by the wonderful work that her co-teachers were doing with the students, that she began taking classes in Early Childhood Education.  She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2002 and has continued to make a strong commitment to young children and families.  Ms. Robin has a multitude of experience working with children of all ages, with a variety of special needs and abilities.  Ms. Robin feels incredibly lucky that events in her life have brought her to Cross Schools, and have allowed her to get to know such special teachers, students, and families. 

Ms. Robin's goal as a teacher is to provide children with a rich environment where they feel safe to explore, initiate learning, and feel free to express themselves.  Contact Ms. Robin at

Carely Beaz, Three Year Old Preschool 

Carely Beaz has over six years experience in Early Childhood Education, and has been a part of Cross Schools for four years.  She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.  She and her husband have three beautiful children.  

Ms. Carely looks forward to a class filled with fun, friends, and faith.  She uses a curriculum based on monthly themes, and looks for ways to incorporate these themes into the academic program in an exciting way.  She works to provide a loving, structured environment.  She wants each child to thrive in her classroom, and works towards personal, social, and physical development during the school year. Contact Ms. Carely at

Erin Cobb, Three Year Preschool

Erin Cobb was born in Maryland, but grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  She attended Bauder College in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ms. Erin has over fifteen years experience working in Early Childhood Education, and has been a part of Cross Schools for ten of those years.  

Ms. Erin strives for a positive atmosphere in her classroom, and loves to shower the children with hugs and affection.  She hopes to instill an excitement and love for learning in the students that she teaches.  She loves that Cross Schools is first and foremost a Christian school, and that she can teach the Bible and a love for God as a major part of her day.  She feels extremely blessed to be a part of Cross Schools and to be a lead teacher in the Three-Year-Old Program.  Contact Ms. Erin at  

Lauren Michalopoulos, Three Year Preschool 

Lauren Michalopoulos attended Mount Ida College in Massachusetts, and has been teaching preschool aged children for over eighteen years.  She, along with her husband and daughter, relocated to Bluffton from Franklin, Massachusetts.  She has loved every minute of being in this beautiful area!   Ms. Lauren is very excited to be given the opportunity to teach Three Year Preschool at Cross Schools, and is looking forward to getting to know the parents and the children.  Contact Ms. Lauren at

Alexis Simmons, Three Year Preschool 

Alexis Simmons grew up in Hardeeville, South Carolina, and attended Thomas Heyward Academy.  She has been working in Early Childhood Education for more than six years, and has been a part of Cross Schools for more than five years.  

Ms. Lexie strives to provide a loving and structured envirmonment for the students that she teaches so that they can thrive in the classroom.  She gently pushes her students to succeed in everything they do.  Contact Ms. Lexie at  

Becky Wells, Three Year Old Preschool

Becky Wells was raised in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, but attended the University of South Carolina.  She has over six years experience in Early Childhood Education, with three of those years at Cross Schools.  It is Ms. Becky's goal to always be a postive influence on her students, and to provide them with a happy environment where they can grow and learn.  

Ms. Becky is thrilled to be a part of Cross Schools, and loves the caring Christian environment.  She is especially proud of the emphasis on sharing God's love through our Faith Formation and chapel programs.  Contact Ms. Becky at  

Ana Avila, Two Year Preschool

Ana Avila is very excited to be a part of Cross Schools and the two year old program!  She has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for over ten years, has been a part of Cross Schools for five years, and has been a Lead Two Year Old Preschool teacher for three years.  

Ms. Ana strongly believes that all children learn best through play.  While you hear her say the word play often, these children are actively learning while playing and interacting with their peers.  Contact Ms. Ana at

Karene Beck, Two Year Preschool 

Karene Beck grew up in Jamaica, and attended Jamaica G.C. Foster of Physical Education and Sport College.  She has over six years experience in Early Childhood Education.  She is the mother of an amazing little boy.  

Ms. Karene is thrilled to be working in a loving, Christian environment at Cross Schools.  She has a passion for teaching and molding young minds.   She believes that we can help children find heatlhy ways to express their feelings and can provide a safe, nurturing classroom so that they can learn, grow, and change the world.  Contact Ms. Karene at  

Barb Osler, Two Year Preschool

Barb Osler has lived in the Bluffton/Hilton Head area for thirty five years.  Her career with Cross Schools began in 2011 after she retired from a thirty year career in the Mortgage Banking industry.  She began as an assistant in the Toddler Program, was the Lead Teacher in the Toddler Program for three years, and is currently serving as a Lead Teacher in our Two Year Old Program.  Ms. Barb lives in Bluffton with her husband, Bill, and is very proud of her four children and six grandchildren. Contact Ms. Barb at

Maria Preciado, Two Year Preschool

Maria Preciado is a lead teacher in our two year preschool program.  She has over ten years experience in Early Childhood Education, many of them with Cross Schools.  Teaching children is her passion, and she is rewarded daily knowing she is making a difference in the lives of the children she teaches. 

Ms. Maria's classroom is centered around fun, friends, and faith.  She considers herself in a partnership with her parents and will work with them to make every year a successful one.  Contact her at  

Samantha Cooler, Eighteen Months Preschool

Samantha Cooler grew up in Georgia.  She has over eight years experience in Early Childhood Education, and has been a part of Cross Schools for the past five years.  

Ms. Samantha loves to work with children and watch them grow.  She strives to teach her students independance while providing a loving and nurturing environment.  Contact Ms. Samanta at  

Ashley Terry, Twelve Months Preschool 

Ashley Terry is a South Carolina native who has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for four years. Her passion lies in teaching the younger students and watching them learn and grow.

Ms. Ashley's classroom philosophy is to let the children play and enjoy their classroom surroundings, while teaching them the importance of sharing and communicating with friends. She strives to teach her class independence while providing a loving and nurturing environment. Ms. Ashley focuses on simple art projects to help the children learn and experience new textures. She balances her classroom time with play and loosely structured learning time to ensure her class has a well-rounded day. Contact Ms. Ashley at

Shawn Esworthy, Afterschool and Summer Camp Coordinator

Shawn Esworthy graduated from Mars Hill College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Sports Management.  He comes to Cross Schools from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where he held the position of Sports/Member Services Coordinator for more than four years at the Boys and Girls Club.  While with the Boys and Girls Club, Mr. Shawn also managed the Sports Programs and coached the eight and nine-year-old basketball team.

Mr. Shawn belives that recreation and sports activities are a key part of any successful afterschool program, and are a great way for children to release pent up energy after a long school day.  He is passionate about joining Cross Schools and leading the Afterschool and Summer program by adding new, exciting, and fun activities for our students.  

Mr. Shawn and his wife have a daughter, and are expecting a new addition to their family in 2019.  He grew up in Ridgeland, SC but relocated to Bluffton after graduating college.  Mr. Shawn loves watching football, playing basketball, staying active, spending time at the beach, and most importantly spending time with his family.  Contact Mr. Shawn at