Good afternoon Cross Community, 

Cross Schools Early Education Division will implement the following practices coinciding with the start of the 2021-2022 school, 

  • Wearing of masks by faculty and staff will be strongly suggested in all indoor situations, especially where social distancing of three feet is not possible.
    •  Faculty and staff members who are unvaccinated must wear a mask inside during school hours 
    • Please understand that we will have several faculty and staff members who choose to wear masks inside. Outside of Administration and the School Nurse, members of the community need to refrain from speculation and inquiry (direct or indirect) about the vaccination status of any faculty or staff member here. 
  •  Wearing of masks by visitors to the campus will be strongly suggested in all indoor situations, especially where social distancing of three feet is not possible, but currently will not be mandatory. 
  •  People entering the Nurse’s Office will be required to wear a mask if age 9 or above. 
  • • CDC / DHEC protocols for isolations and quarantines will be followed.
    •  Preschool students may not participate in shortened quarantines due to their inability to social distance.
  •  It is critical for all involved to understand our need for families to still be great partners with us, through the continued practices of keeping students home who are exhibiting symptoms and adhering to the practices and procedures in place. 
  •  Cross Schools continues to strongly advocate for all community members to have a discussion with a qualified healthcare professional about the benefits vs the risks of vaccinations. 
  • Cross Schools will continue to emphasize handwashing and using hand sanitizer where there is not easy access to a handwashing facility. Teachers will frequently wipe down tables and other “high-touch” areas throughout the day. 
  • Our new cleaning company, Allegiance, requires all of its employees to complete a special certification process with regard to COVID-19 and cleaning commercial spaces. 
  • We will revisit these practices on a weekly basis to start, beginning on August 20. We will be looking closely at the number of positive cases, exposures, quarantines and isolations within our school community. If the number of cases within the school community suggest that more protection (e.g., mandatory masking, spacing in lunch / chapel, etc.) is needed, we will be prepared to make that move. 


As has been the case with every decision associated with schools and COVID, there will be some who agree with our course of action, and some who do not. Throughout the process, we have endeavored to seek input and feedback from multiple sources and perspectives in coming to a decision for our school. As Head of School, I thank you for your patience, your spirit, your endurance and your support of what we do here at Cross.