Lindsay Bowerman

Lindsay Bowerman graduated magna cum laude from Houghton College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with an Environmental Emphasis accompanied by Spanish and Missions minors. She continued her education at the University of Connecticut and graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Biodiversity and Conservation. Her area of research included population density and distribution of mammals in the tropical lowland rainforests of Costa Rica. She also had an internship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration working on a conservation plan for Stenotomus chyrsops, a heavily harvested fish species found in the Atlantic Ocean and worked on Caretta caretta sea turtle conservation on Hilton Head Island.

Ms. Bowerman has been teaching Middle School science at Cross Schools for more than five years and has recently started working with the Lower School in a hands-on laboratory setting. Her goal is to instill a love of science and life-long learning into all the students that pass through her science lab. She thinks there is no better way to learn about God than to study Him through his miraculous creation, which she strives to share with her students daily. Contact Ms. Bowerman at

Heather Brougham-Cook

Heather Brougham-Cook has enjoyed fifteen years in the classroom. A career journalist turned professional educator, she takes pleasure in sharing her passion for reading and writing with young students in the classroom.  Heather has an established reputation for encouraging the most reluctant readers and writers to flourish and grow. A confirmed history nerd who nabbed the annual history prize each year of high school, she brings history alive by prompting her students to question how the past impacts the present and encourages young historians to predict how the past will shape the future. She is a certified Montessori teacher (MEPI) and also holds a MEd (Early Childhood Education). She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Mrs. Brougham-Cook has a proven track record in developing curriculum in upper elementary and middle grade learning programs and finds that her technical writing skills transfer easily and usefully into the classroom.

A Rotary Teacher of the Year (2013/14), she was also selected to intern for Nancie Atwell's Center for Teaching and Learning (2011). She has participated in NEH Landmarks of American History Workshops for four consecutive years (2012- 2015). She works hard to develop empathy muscles in the hearts of those she teaches and as a result Mrs. Brougham-Cook has funded classroom-based service learning programs as a UNICEF Trick or Treat - Kids Helping Kids Movement grant recipient, and has twice received Palmetto Electric Bright Ideas grant awards to improve her teaching environments. She has served as an advisory board member on the following boards:  Scholastic Storyworks, eTextPrep - Middle School Challenge and Georgia Aquarium's Educational Advisory Board. She is a National Writing Project Teacher Consultant. Contact Mrs. Brougham-Cook at

Tracey Cannon

Tracey Cannon began her teaching career in 2000, and taught for fourteen of those years in Beaufort County. She and her husband moved here from Columbia, South Carolina.  She has three amazing children: Madeline, Calem and Emerson. After five years at Hilton Head Middle School, she taught 4th and 5th grade at Okatie Elementary. She is certified in middle school language arts and has a Gifted and Talented Endorsement.

Mrs. Cannon's philosophy in education is that many children have different strengths and intelligences. As an educator, her goal is to help students discover their talents so they can apply them to their everyday learning experiences. She wants students to learn that with a champion attitude and effort, they can accomplish their goals and be successful in life. Contact Mrs. Cannon at

Josh Hicks

Josh Hicks teaches Math 5, Math 6, Pre-algebra, and Algebra I.  A graduate of Francis Marion University with a degree in Elementary Education, he has eleven years of mathematics teaching experience in independent schools in South Carolina.  He had the distinct honor of being chosen as the South Carolina Independent School Association's 2010 Middle School Teacher of the Year. 

Mr. Hicks has two primary focuses in the classroom.  First, mathematics is not in the problem or in the answer, but in the process between the two; this may differ from student to student as God has made us all unique.  It is critical that we share these processes with each other so that we can enhance our understanding.  Second, asking questions to help students develop a pattern of discovery.  Even if it has been learned millions of times in the past, each time a student discovers a mathematical truth, it is a beautiful moment. Contact Mr. Hicks at

Amanda Kropiewnicki

Amanda Kropiewnicki graduated from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Multidisciplinary Learning. She holds a South Carolina Professional Teaching License for grades Kindergarten through sixth, with a Gifted Endorsement. Her fifteen year teaching career has taken her across the country starting in California and ending up in South Carolina, teaching in both public and private schools. Her love for teaching inspired to continue her education and get her MEd in Technology in Education.

Mrs. Kropiewnicki  was vacationing in Hilton Head and met her husband while dining in a restaurant. After they were married, they relocated to the area. She and her husband left for a few years and moved to the Orlando area. They welcomed their first child while living there. They moved back to Bluffton two years ago, and welcomed twin boys to their family. She is very happy about being back in the Lowcountry and working at a school that mirrors her beliefs.

Mrs. Kropiewnicki loves working with kids and helping develop young minds in a place that is centered on Christian values. She believes that each child needs a solid foundation that can be built upon each year as concepts develop. By using technology in the classroom, students are able to build basic career readiness and have fun at the same time. Contact Mrs. Kropiewnicki at