Our Kindergarten builds on previously learned skills. Admission is based on a readiness inventory where social and academic skills are observed. The curriculum stresses reading readiness through a phonics-based approach to word recognition and patterns. Units in science, mathematics, social studies and catechesis round out our curriculum. Enrichment opportunities in music, art, library and PE complement the program.

The Lower School (grades 1-4) is comprised of self-contained classrooms using a traditional approach to language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and catechesis. Enrichment classes include art, music, Spanish, technology, catechesis, library and physical education. The courses are rigorous and administer a highly challenging academic program exclusively designed for college preparatory standards. Terminal skills in the sciences and humanities range from writing assignments in cursive to application of the scientific method.

The Middle School (grades 5-8) expand on the foundations of the lower school division, sequentially moving from a skills-based approach to application of learning. A notable point is that all students in the 8th grade take High School credit courses in Spanish, Physical Science, Honors English I and Honors Algebra.  In grades 4-8, Cross Schools has implemented a one-to-one device program where each middle school student will have their own Chrome Book. Using this model will allow for the collaboration and productivity we are seeing in high schools and colleges around the country.