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Catalog Sales

Each fall, families are asked to distribute catalogs to friends and family to purchase items.  A portion of the proceeds from the gross sales goes back to the school.  Please note, we do not ask children to solicit door to door.  

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Pearls to Pluff Mud Auction & Dinner

This event, held in the fall, features live music, dinner, and both a silent and live auction.  This is a great way to meet other parents, enjoy a night out, and help Cross Schools raise money.  Parents are asked to help secure goods and services for the auction. Visit the Pearls to Pluff Mud website for more information at www.pearlspluffmud.org.  


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Parents and friends can purchase gift cards to various retailers, restaurants, gas stations, hotels and more through the school's Business Office.  The school earns a percentage of the face value of each gift card.  The percentages can range from 2.00% to 12.00%.  Please consider purchasing scrip in advance or your routine shopping or as birthday and Christmas presents.  

Please click here to see a list of the available gift cards and contact the Business Office or Director of Development to purchase Scrip.