Cross Schools has grown tremendously over the last 24 years from a small, rented space on Ulmer Road to our current 80-acre campus on Buckwalter Parkway.  This growth is a result of the generosity and support of thousands of donors. This involvement helped the school develop into the respected and beloved educational institution that it is today. Cross Schools is an independent school and does not receive financial support from local or federal tax dollars. Cross Schools is entirely dependent on revenue from tuition and the generosity of our current and past parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, and community friends in private gifts.

Cross Schools is dedicated to raising funds to ensure that the school maintains the integrity of its academic environment. Families choose Cross Schools for their students because we inspire future leaders to grow spiritually and academically by intentionally designing opportunities for inquisitive learning and active service all for the glory of God.  It will be the ongoing generosity and participation of alumni, current and past families, faculty, and community friends that will ensure that the standards of academic excellence set forth in our mission remain for the generations to follow.

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