When you hear about education while listening to the radio, watching TV, or reading an article, it is typically related to the challenges schools, teachers, and parents face. The solutions presented are generally broad and vague and have little to do with learning. The main catch phrase we hear over and over is: Think Outside the Box. I have heard this suggested, shouted and demanded for years, yet there has been little change. If the answer is to constantly think outside the box, I suggest RETHINKING THE BOX!

   At Cross Schools, we are reimagining the learning spaces for our students. This past year we created an Imagination Playground, the Matthew’s MakerSpace Lab, and an Environmental Learning Center. We also created flexible classrooms that allow teachers to redesign their rooms based on individual lessons. We even created classrooms where the entire wall opens up to the outside giving students an unbelievable amount of freedom and space to learn. Our Focus Fund this year will allow us to continue rethinking the learning spaces for our students. Our goal is to add an Amphitheater/Outdoor Classroom, a Lego Robotics Lab, and a Learning Hub.

   We have no doubt these spaces will greatly enhance the excitement and joy your child has for learning.  Feel free to email me with any questions: b.schultz@crossschools.org.  

Thank you for your partnership,

Brad Schultz


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