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Sporting Clays

Our team offers students the opportunity to develop their shooting skills and compete against other teams in the sport of clay shooting.

Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping our athletes develop their shooting technique, safety skills, and teamwork. We provide our students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and the latest equipment, so they can hone their skills and achieve their best results.

At Cross Schools, we value sportsmanship and integrity, and we instill these values in our athletes from day one. We believe that the sport of clay shooting provides a unique opportunity to learn about focus, discipline, and responsibility, while also having fun and building camaraderie with teammates.

Program Director/Head Coach

Christopher Luechtefeld

Sporting Clays Program Director/Head Coach
Cross Schools Campus
Assistant Team Manager

Kristy Gonzalez

Sporting Clays Assistant Team Manager
Cross Schools Campus