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We are home to a hardworking and dedicated football team that is always striving for excellence on the field. Cross Schools Football is committed to building a culture of success and are constantly working to gain new skills and improve teamwork.

Our football program is led by experienced coaches who are passionate about the sport and dedicated to helping our athletes develop their skills both on and off the field. We emphasize the importance of discipline, hard work, and sportsmanship, instilling these values in our players from day one.

At Cross Schools, we take pride in our football program and are committed to building a team that is competitive, resilient, and focused on success. We believe that through dedication, perseverance, and a never-give-up attitude, we will achieve our goals.

Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, we welcome you to join our football team and become a part of a dedicated community of athletes who are committed to achieving greatness.

Program Director/Varsity Head Coach

Jared Shaw

Jared Shaw

Football Program Director/Varsity Head Coach, Director of Strength & Conditioning

Middle School Head Coach

Shawn Esworthy

Shawn Esworthy

Facilities Assistant, Early Education Physical Education Teacher, Middle School Football Coach
Cross Schools Campus