Cheerleading is a fall and winter sport. Fall cheerleaders cheer for our Stingray football team. The season begins in July and runs until late October. Football cheer attends the UCA cheer camp over the summer at Armstrong University in Savannah, GA. Football cheerleading is offered for middle school and high school students. Tryouts are at the end of the school year.

In the winter season, cheerleaders cheer for both girls and boys basketball. The winter season runs from November to mid-February. Basketball cheerleading has two teams: the lower school pep squad (grades 3-4) and the MS/HS team (offered for 5th-9th).

In order to promote school spirit and provide support to our teams, stingray cheerleaders perform sideline chants and cheers combined with stunts between quarters and a half-time dance routine. This program, like all athletic programs at Cross Schools, encourages teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness. The Stingray cheerleaders charity is the Saint Jude Children's Hospital.