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Booster Club

The Cross Schools Booster Club is a dynamic and enthusiastic community of parents, faculty, staff, and supporters dedicated to enhancing the overall experience for our student-athletes and promoting school spirit.

The Booster Club plays a crucial role in providing the necessary resources and support for our teams to thrive. We believe that participation in sports not only fosters physical fitness but also teaches important values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

By joining the Booster Club, you become an integral part of a network that helps to fundraise, organize events, and cheer on our athletes during games and competitions. Through our collective efforts, we ensure that our student-athletes have access to top-notch facilities, equipment, and opportunities for growth.

Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to organize various fundraising initiatives, such as concession stands, raffles, and community events, to generate financial support for our athletic programs. These funds help cover expenses such as uniforms, equipment upgrades, travel costs, and much more.

In addition to providing financial support, the Booster Club fosters a vibrant and inclusive community spirit. We encourage parents, students, and supporters to come together and show their Cross Schools pride during our spirited game days and special events. From painting faces with team colors to creating memorable banners, we strive to create an electrifying atmosphere that motivates our athletes and instills a sense of pride and unity within our community.

Whether you're a parent, alumni, staff member, or fan, we invite you to join the Cross Schools Booster Club. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our student-athletes and help them achieve their athletic dreams. Join us today and experience the joy of being part of a team that celebrates athleticism, camaraderie, and the Cross Schools spirit!