Christian values are the foundation of student life at Cross Schools.

Each day students from the youngest to the oldest are involved in activities focused on a commitment to know and serve our Lord.  From Bible study to chapel, community service to seasonal celebrations, our students are establishing a strong foundation for a life-long relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Weekly Bible classes, also called Faith Formation, are woven throughout our program for every student. Each class begins the day with prayer and devotions, followed by in-class Scripture application, and all students and staff come together weekly for corporate worship through our chapel services.  Family members are also invited to attend chapel on a monthly basis, and in our Kindergarten through 8th grade division, this special service includes the celebration of Holy Communion.  

Our Christian foundation is solidified through our relationship with The Church of the Cross. Pastors of The Church of the Cross are always available to Cross Students, families and staff and lead our monthly Kindergarten through 8th grade Family Chapel services.