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About Cross Schools

Located in the heart of Bluffton, South Carolina, Cross Schools was established in 1998 to serve a growing community that was then void of an independent grade school. Since then, we have expanded to our campus on Buckwalter Parkway and now educate over 650 students from 12months through 12th grade.  We offer a day school program as well as after-school and summer camp programs.

At Cross Schools, we inspire future leaders to grow spiritually and academically by intentionally designing opportunities for inquisitive learning and active service all for the glory of God.  Small classes, rigorous academics, various enrichment courses, community service, athletics, and faith-based learning help prepare our children to grow into collaborative thinkers with moral and spiritual principles.

We would love to share more with you about Cross Schools and schedule a visit to our beautiful, newly expanded campus.  

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Cross Schools Non-Negotiables

SCISA Accreditation

SCISA (South Carolina Independent School Association) is a non-profit voluntary association of independent schools in South Carolina. It serves as an accrediting body for member schools and provides support and resources to promote educational excellence.

To obtain certification with SCISA, schools undergo a rigorous accreditation process. This process involves a thorough evaluation of various aspects of the school's operations, including curriculum, faculty qualifications, facilities, governance, and adherence to certain standards set by SCISA. The accreditation process aims to ensure that member schools meet high educational standards and provide a quality learning environment for students.