Resource Teacher - Claudia Peacock

Claudia Peacock graduated from the College of Charleston in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education with concentrations in Early Childhood Education, Emotional Disabilities, and Mental Disabilities.  She taught in Mount Pleasant for one year before moving to Duluth, Georgia to develop the Emotional Disabilities Program for Monarch Early Childhood Center.  

Upon marrying and moving to Greenville in 2005, Claudia added Learning Disabilities to her teacher certificate and became Wilson Trained.  In 2007, the Peacocks moved to Bluffton where Claudia worked for HHISCA as the Resource teacher from 2007-2009 and most recently was the Resource teacher at Red Cedar Elementary School from 2009-2015.  After retiring from full time teaching Claudia began providing educational intervention at Cross Schools in the 2015-2016 school year to the present.  Contact Mrs. Peacock at    

Cross Schools utilizes a Multi-level System of Support focusing on high-quality instruction, intervention, and assessment to ensure ALL of our students receive the appropriate level of support in the classroom. Students are able to access additional academic support outside of the classroom on an as-needed referral basis. 



“Accommodations are alterations in the way tasks are presented that allow children with learning disabilities to complete the same assignments as other students.  Accommodations do not alter the content of assignments, do not give students an unfair advantage, or in the case of assessments, do not change what a test measures.  They do make it possible for students with a learning disability to show what they know without being impeded by their disability.”- National Center for Learning Disabilities


Accommodations available at Cross Schools through Academic Support:

1.      Extended time for classroom assignments and tests

2.      Oral administration of test directions and or test questions

3.      Small group testing

4.      Assistance with note-taking

5.      Individual and Small Group Skill Remediation and Intervention


Cross Schools offers varying levels of services to meet the needs of our students. This service requires an additional fee. Please contact the Counselor, Alison Ross at for a schedule of academic support services and fees.