Tracy Butts

Tracy Butts earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Lander University and her Master’s degree in Special Education, with an emphasis in Learning Disabilities, from the University of Central Oklahoma. She also holds an Elementary Education Certificate and an endorsement in Gifted & Talented. Mrs. Butts has taught Kindergarten through 12th grade, both in private and public schools in Oklahoma and South Carolina. 

Mrs. Butts has lived in Bluffton since 2007. She and her husband, Dale, have been blessed with two boys; Nathan and Nicholas and have two dogs; Porkchop and Toby. She enjoys riding her bike, going to the gym and beach, as well as traveling, reading, and acting in community theatre.  (She actually met her husband in the theater when both of them performed in the same show!) 

Mrs. Butts’ philosophy is that children "learn by doing" and is of the belief that diversity attributes to educating the "whole child", thus cultivating a well-rounded individual. She is so excited to be part of Cross Schools, where the emphasis is on Christian education!  Contact Mrs. Butts at  

Karen Mustachio

Karen Mustachio is a retired teacher and has lived in Bluffton for 17 years. During her tenure as an elementary school teacher, she was certified in New Jersey, Georgia, and South Carolina. Over the years, she taught third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students. Her last position before retiring from Beaufort County was at Hilton Head Island Elementary School. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Education at Kean University in New Jersey and her Master’s Degree in Education at Montclair State University also in New Jersey. She is proud to be a part of the Cross “family” which provides a caring and safe environment for its students and helps to build Christian values.

Cross Schools utilizes a Multi-level System of Support focusing on high-quality instruction, intervention, and assessment to ensure ALL of our students receive the appropriate level of support in the classroom. Students are able to access additional academic support outside of the classroom on an as-needed referral basis. 



“Accommodations are alterations in the way tasks are presented that allow children with learning disabilities to complete the same assignments as other students.  Accommodations do not alter the content of assignments, do not give students an unfair advantage, or in the case of assessments, do not change what a test measures.  They do make it possible for students with a learning disability to show what they know without being impeded by their disability.”- National Center for Learning Disabilities


Accommodations available at Cross Schools through Academic Support:

1.      Extended time for classroom assignments and tests

2.      Oral administration of test directions and or test questions

3.      Small group testing

4.      Assistance with note-taking

5.      Individual and Small Group Skill Remediation and Intervention


Cross Schools offers varying levels of services to meet the needs of our students. This service requires an additional fee. Please contact your student's primary teacher or homeroom teacher for more information regarding academic support services and fees.