Grades K-8 Admissions Procedure

  1. Learn about the school.

    • Call the Director of Admissions, Beth Krause.
    • Make an appointment to visit the school.
    • Call people you know who have children at Cross.
    • We can give you a list of parent names as well.

  2. Fill out an application form and send in the $50.00 testing fee.

  3. Once we receive the application, a testing date will be scheduled.

  4. Two tests are given, the Kaufman IQ Test and the Peabody Achievement Test. The testing is done on a one to one basis and takes 1 ˝ to 2 hours.

  5. After testing for grades two and above is completed, a full day visit in your child’s current grade is scheduled.

  6. Kindergarten applicants will attend a Saturday morning Kindergarten Jamboree which will be held in the beginning of the calendar year.

  7. A meeting is set up with the parents to go over the testing results and the school visit/ Kindergarten Jamboree. At the meeting we request permission to call the current teacher for a referral.

Click here for an Admission Application