Preschool Admissions Procedure

Cross Schools, Inc. considers many factors when accepting applications for enrollment such as individual student needs and abilities. Primarily, we strive to ensure the highest level of success for each child attending Cross Schools, Inc.

Upon initial inquiry, an appointment is scheduled with the Admissions Director to tour the campus and learn about the programs and curriculum offered.

Upon choosing Cross Schools, Inc. for your child’s preschool education, an application along with an enrollment contract is extended. All signed enrollment contracts along with a $200 enrollment fee must be received within 10 days of being offered. A child’s place in our program is not secure until these have been submitted to the admissions office.

There will be a 4-week introductory period to confirm that Cross Schools, Inc. is right for your child. During this time, a conference with the Director may be scheduled. Parents may withdraw their child or the school may request a student be withdrawn during this conference. Upon withdrawal during the introductory period, $150 of the enrollment fee is refundable.

To schedule an appointment with the school please contact the Admissions Director, Alison H. Howard at (843)706-2000 or by email at